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Let us be your One-Stop Tradeshow Solution!

And now with Service Centers in:

Chicago - Las Vegas - Miami - New Orleans - New York - Orlando

Considering renting?

We ship, setup, take-down and ship back for you.

Just stay focused on what You do best

and let us deal with the rest

Creative Designs

Wether it is from a draft concept quickly drawn on a paper napkin, a 3D design your Art Department created, or even just an vague idea in your mind, our Design Team can take it from there, CAD design it, and generate 3D rendered views for you and your team to discuss.

Custom Design Rentals

Display Rental doesn’t have to be cookie cutter! We specialize in creating rental solutions that look like a custom booth but at the price of a rental.

Give us your budget, your design - or let us come-up with one for you - and your display at the next show will be spectacular… and priced right.

Our Services

Tradeshow Management

“How do I manage to exhibit at several shows when dates overlap or are too close” - We can help you with that!

“I really need help with all these forms and deadlines these shows have, is all that really necessary?” - We can help you with that too!

Our show specialist will help you with all the red tape involved.

Logistics & Storage

We handle all the shipping for you - it is included in our rental price!

And we can also help with your equipment or products; ship it to events and store it in between in our facilities.

Let us help you!

Full Graphic Services

Sometimes a great booth layout is not enough - Great graphics will make it popup and catch everyone’s eyes on the show floor!

Our Art Department has decades of experience and our equipment is state-of-the-art and we will design and print (or just print) your booth graphics and fit it right on your booth in our facilities… not on the show floor…

I&D - Setup and Dismantle

Setup and Dismantle is included in the rental price.

We partner with local unions, regardless of the venue, to make sure your display will be setup just right!

Our Supervisors ensure the process stays within the allotted time while making sure that Quality remains the top priority.

A/V Equipment & Furniture Rentals

Tables, chairs, armchairs, bar stools, sofas, plants… you name it, we have it!

And as every modern display requires multimedia presentations, we also have for rental, the HDTVs, tablets, computers and video walls you need to present your products or services in a vibrant way!

Laser and CNC Services

Our CNC Equipment allows us to cut and build custom elements. If you have an idea in mind for a kiosk or a podium/pedestal, let us know and we can build it for you!

Our Laser Equipment allows us to cut, engrave or etch many materials to theme or build custom elements for your next show or event. Ask us how we can help you!